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Security Alarm SIM - The SIM made for ALL Security Systems. 

This is a professional grade security SIM that is designed for alarm systems and security applications. Supplied with enough credit to cover 24 months of alarm system usage.

The Security SIM covers all products and devices from 2G up to 4G making it suitable for all SIM enabled Alarm Systems, Lone Worker Alarms, Panic Alarms, GSM Diallers, GSM Gate Openers & GSM Door Entry systems.

Security SIMs are Emergency Services Network (ESN) Standard. This means mobile network coverage along all major and minor roads, selected buildings, road tunnels and railway facilities. We are so sure that the Security SIM will work in any UK location that we offer a full 100% refund if you find a UK mainland location where the Security SIM does not connect to the mobile network. 
Security SIMs are also cost effective compared to the cheapest monthly pay deals available from GiffGaff (72 per year) and Asda mobile (60 per year). 
  • We are a Alarm SIM Service Provider. Other SIM providers state their SIMs are NOT for use in alarm systems. 
  • Emergency Services Network (ESN) Standard.
  • Guaranteed UK Network signal or full 100% order refund.
  • Supplied with enough credit to cover 12 months alarm usage.
  • Cost to renew each year is only 39.98 including VAT.
  • Covers all Alarm systems and GSM devices using 2G to 4G
  • Very Cost effective running costs compared to other SIM cards.
  • We are a Alarm SIM Service Provider. Other networks will then tell you their SIM is not for use in alarms systems.
  • As used by professional security companies throughout the UK.
  • 6th year of our unique and best selling Total GSM SIM card for any alarm GSM alarms.
  • No PIN number or activation required. Ready to use in any alarm control panel.


 Security SIM with 24 Months of credit 69.98 Including VAT


Quantity :

 SIM Credit & Cost to re-new after 12 months. 

The Security SIM comes with enough credit to cover:

30 Text Per Month / 40 X 12 =  360 per year.   
10 Minutes Voice Calls Per Month / 120 minutes per year.
1mb of Data Per Month / 12mb of Data Per year. 
No tops ups to remember. Simply renew for 69.98 in 24 months time.